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Summer Daycamp / Playground Schedule

Summer Playground Program Update 6.12.20

After a lot of thought and consideration, The Town of Clay has come to the conclusion that we will not be offering our Playground Program this summer.  The Town’s main concern is the safety of all of our residents and the risk was determined to outweigh the possibility of providing such programs. We are very saddened to not be able to offer this program that many local children look forward to every year but look forward to seeing you all next year. 

Instead of our typical Playground Program, we will continue to amplify our Virtual Recreation Center.  If you have not already seen it, please check it out!  We offer a variety of activities, resources and information for all age groups.  This is completely free to the public.  We will also be offering our weekly craft kits in greater quantities to ensure that we can accommodate, within reason, as many of our families as we can!

Catalog of Listings

We offer an Extended Hour Playground Program for $125.00 per child. We will have four (4) sites with extended hours.

You can register at your chosen program site on or after the proram dates of July 1st-August...

Kindergarten -14

The current offering of the pre-school play program will be highlighted by outdoors and gymnasium activities.  Arts and crafts, music, parachute games, story time and relays will make up much of the program.  This program is...

4 & 5 who have not attended kindergarten

 The Town of Clay Recreation Department will operate four (4) FREE playground sites to serve the Town of Clay residents.  Each site is staffed with a Director and several recreation aides to provide supervised and organized play for...