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Mailboxes Hit by Snowplow

What happens when a resident's mailbox is damaged during the winter? The Town of Clay Highway Department under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will repair or replace a homeowner's mailbox that fall under these conditions:

  • Spindle type wooden post
  • Plastic of any kind (Including Rubbermaid green surround)
  • Any post, including metal, which was already in unstable or poor condition
  • A mailbox that was popped off the cross member from the weight of pushed snow (If your mailbox shows no damage and is just laying there, chances are it was not hit by the plow.  More likely the weight of the pushed snow took the box off the support)
  • No paper tube will be reinstalled, repaired or replaced
  • Any that is located on a County or State maintained Highway

All mailbox posts will be replaced with a standard treated 4 x 4. All unusable mailboxes will be replaced with a standard mailbox with NO EXCEPTIONS. 

***All qualifying mailboxes that were damaged by the town snowplow in the winter season of 2017-18 need to be reported by March 31, 2018.