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Assessments & Grievances

View the 2020 Final Assessment roll here

You can find the Grievance form online here.

Like everything else, COVID-19 has caused some disruptions to the normal grievance process.  Please review this letter detailing changes necessitated by government closures.

Key dates that affect the assessment process are:

March 1: Taxable Status Date
Exemption Filing Deadline
May 1: Tentative Roll Filed
4th Tuesday in May: Grievance Day
July 1: Final Roll Filed

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Assessor of the Town of Clay, County of Onondaga, has completed his Tentative Assessment Roll for the current year; that a copy thereof has been left with the Town Clerks Office located at 4401 State Route 31, Clay, New York  Due to COVID-19 restrictions and State guidelines, the Town Hall is closed until at least May 15th. The final assessment roll can be viewed online only at The Assessor and/or staff will be in attendance with the Tentative Assessment Roll by phone call only during these times:

May 4th, 2020 Clay Town Hall 4:00 PM-8:00 PM
May 13th, 2020 Clay Town Hall 8:30 AM-12:30 PM
May 15th, 2020 Clay Town Hall 3:30 PM-7:30 PM
May 16th, 2020 Clay Town Hall 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

If you have decided to file for an assessment reduction, you should mail or deliver the complaint form and supporting documentation to your local assessing unit so that it arrives on or before Grievance Day.

If you mail the form, even if it is postmarked on or before Grievance Day, it is deemed to be late if it does NOT arrive by Grievance Day. Ideally, the form should arrive at least 3 business days before Grievance Day.Otherwise, the assessor can obtain an adjournment to have time to prepare a response to your complaint. The reason behind this is that due to the volume of complaints, the forms cannot be reviewed by the Assessor by Grievance Day in preparation for submission to the Board of Assessment Review.

It should be noted that a personal appearance before the Board of Assessment Review IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. All paperwork will be reviewed by the Board of Assessment Review regardless of your choice not to appear.

Grievance Day will be held on May 26th, 2020 between the hours of 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM for a total of at least 4 hours.  The Board of Assessment Review will meet at the CLAY TOWN HALL, 4401 NEW YORK STATE ROUTE 31, CLAY, NEW YORK 13041, to hear and examine all verified written complaints in relation to such assessments, on the application of any person believing himself aggrieved thereby. Grievances can be filed by U.S. mail or by email only at At this time no in person appointments will be granted. All grievances will be reviewed by the Board of Assessment review. If procedures change after May 15th, the information will be posted on the town website

Commercial Grievances

If you are filing a grievance on a commercial property, please fill out the attached forms and return a printed copy to our office:

Commercial Income/Expense (side 1)

Commercial Income/Expense (side 2)