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Earth Day Litter Clean Up - April 23rd & 24th

The Town of Clay has teamed up with OCRRA to extend an invitation to participate in the year's Earth Day Litter Clean up on April 23rd & 24th.

COVID put a pause on Earth Day 2020, but in 2019, 300 groups (that's 6,300+ volunteers) collected more than 60,600 pounds of litter! We need your help to show we have pride in our public spaces and that the actions of a few litterbugs can be outweighed by the actions of an inspired community! Help build a bond with coworkers, friends, neighbors and the environment, while restoring the shine to our streets, sidewalks and parks.

In past years, the Town of Clay has played a crucial role in making this huge cleanup effort happen. Once litter is collected, municipal highway departments deliver it to the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station at NO CHARGE.

We applaud the hard work of local highway departments and volunteers that make this event such a success each year. Working together, 2+ million pounds of litter have been collected since the event began in 1991! This year's goal is to engage more than 200 groups. With everyone's help, we can do it.

Please register at by April 16th.