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Dear Clay Residents: I want you to know we are still here and able to serve the public, however, on a limited basis. As we have seen over the past few weeks the Coronavirus is making our world ever smaller and we find ourselves huddled with our families in a much smaller environment than we are accustomed to. I understand how you all must feel and thank you for respecting the social distancing that has been called for from all levels in government, from the Federal through the State down to our community of almost 60,000 residents. I want you all to know the Town of Clay and its staff are working to maintain the essential services that each of us is entitled to regardless of circumstance. That said, I also have a staff that I am very concerned about and want to make sure they, too, are respected in this process. Because of this, accessing Town Hall will be a challenge to say the least because we are likewise, practicing, social distancing, causing us to maintain a limited staff at Town Hall and our Highway Department. Rest assured that we are monitoring all of the areas of service that the Town provides to its residents and doing everything we can to maintain a level of commitment to you as our taxpayers. You may not see the level of service that you have become accustomed to, as the season changes from winter to spring and clean up activities including mailbox repair, grading and seeding, and Town park preparation is being undertaken on an emergency basis only. As for Town Hall offices, staff is available via telephone or email, however, all offices are not staffed at a level consistent with a normal change of seasons. Therefore, please understand we are here for you and that with your patience we will try our best to create an environment of normalcy and do everything we can to address your concerns while still following State and County guidelines. On behalf of the Town Board and myself, I sincerely thank you for your understanding and look forward to again providing you with a Town government you are deserving of. Sincerely, Damian M. Ulatowski, Supervisor.