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Planning & Development

Draft: Local Waterfront Revitalization Project

This is our current draft describing the Local Waterfront Revitalization Project.

MS4 Annual Report 2015-2016

MS4 Annual Report 2015-2016

Draft Town of Clay Northern Land Use Study

Draft Town of Clay Northern Land Use Study

Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program Application

This is the Town of Clay's application in regards to the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program which concerns specific areas of Three Rivers Point along Maider Road. This is a large document so please be patient for it to download completely.

Water Department Information

2016 AWQR Final Report

The 2016 Water Quality Report contains all pertinent information about the drinking water for the Town of Clay such as levels of various minerals, contaminant testing, where the water supply comes from, etc.

Emergency Preparedness

Hazard Mitigation Plan - 1

This is the Clay Hazard Mitigation Plan - a valuable resource for Town residents to refer to.